Manifesto for the sale of paintings and works of art.

Our values ​​and intentions in the field of the sale of paintings and works of art are expressed in the presented manifesto. Our manifesto is based on respect for creativity, ethics and a deep understanding of the value of art in people's lives.
1. Striving for quality and originality
We recognize that each painting and work of art is unique and inimitable. We encourage artists to create original, innovative and quality pieces that represent their inspiration and unique vision of the world.
2. Fair valuation and pricing
We are committed to setting fair and reasonable prices for exhibited works, taking into account the prevailing art market, the cost of materials and labor, and the level of artistic skill. We strive for transparency in pricing and provide objective information about the origin of the prices of our works.
3. Support for artists
We support and encourage artists in their creative development. We are ready to cooperate with artists on mutually beneficial terms, provide them with opportunities for exhibitions, promotions and advertising to help them achieve the recognition they deserve.
4. Ethics and truthfulness
We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in our dealings with clients, buyers and artists. We provide accurate information about the origin, condition and characteristics of artworks to ensure the trust and confidence of buyers.
5. Variety of art
We welcome the diversity of styles, trends and genres in art. We support artists working in a variety of media and expressing diverse ideas to enrich the world's artistic culture.
6. Opportunities for collectors
We provide collectors with the opportunity to enrich their collections with unique works of art by artists of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, which will bring joy and inspiration for a long time.
We accept this manifesto as our commitment and guide to the sale of paintings and works of art.
We also strive to create an inspiring and honest art community that values
the creativity, human contribution and uniqueness of each artist and their work.